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Royal Blue (1916)



royalblue-1916.jpg (64822 bytes) This Royal Blue color was introduced in 1916 and may NOT have been produced for many years. This color should be referred to as 1916 Royal Blue or Early Royal Blue since the name Royal Blue as used again on a popular color introduced in 1931. When used alone, the name Royal Blue refers to the later color.


Similar Colors


Aurora Night Blue (Blue 2) Royal Blue
cobalt1-240.jpg (19063 bytes) cobalt2-240.jpg (23603 bytes) royalblue240.jpg (24253 bytes)
Royal Blue (1916) Ritz Blue Moonlight
royalblue-1916-240.jpg (31459 bytes) ritzblue240.jpg (34055 bytes) moonlight240.jpg (29606 bytes)
Blue (1903) Bluebell Willow Blue
blue-1903-240.jpg (35527 bytes) bluebell240.jpg (33433 bytes) willowblue240.jpg (19645 bytes)

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