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Willow Blue



willowblue.jpg (43517 bytes) Willow Blue was introduced in 1928 and was a very popular transparent color that showed no color gathering in heavy sections of glass. In 1933, the name was changed to "Eleanor Blue." Willow Blue had been discontinued before 1936 when it was replaced by "Moonlight" blue. Differentiating Willow Blue from Moonlight can be done by looking into the edge of the item. Willow Blue will be seen as a light transparent color while Moonlight will appear as a dark blue. That difference can be seen in the examples below. In 1930, Cambridge produced items in the "Springtime" line which later became part of the "Everglade" line. Springtime items were frosted on the pattern side of the item leaving bright highlights. When produced in Willow Blue, Springtime items were call "Mystic Blue."


Similar Colors


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Royal Blue (1916) Ritz Blue Moonlight
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Bluebell Willow
blue-1903-240.jpg (35527 bytes) bluebell240.jpg (33433 bytes) willowblue240.jpg (19645 bytes)

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