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Night Blue (Cobalt Blue 2)




cobalt2.jpg (51623 bytes) Night Blue was introduced in January 1925. Collectors generally call this Blue 2 as the name "Night Blue" saw limited use in trade publications. Night Blue is the darkest of two cobalt blue colors produced in the 1920s. Night Blue will show less florescence under blacklight than the earlier Aurora (Blue 1).


Similar Colors


Aurora Night Blue (Blue 2) Royal Blue

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Royal Blue (1916) Ritz Blue Moonlight
royalblue-1916-240.jpg (31459 bytes) ritzblue240.jpg (34055 bytes) moonlight240.jpg (29606 bytes)
Blue (1903) Bluebell Willow Blue
blue-1903-240.jpg (35527 bytes) bluebell240.jpg (33433 bytes) willowblue240.jpg (19645 bytes)

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