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Ritz Blue (Cobalt Blue 3)



ritzblue.jpg (77714 bytes) No exact production dates have been found for Ritz Blue. The color name did appear in a Cambridge color list in 1931. Ritz Blue is most commonly seen in items produced in the very late 1920s and early 1930s, particularly the Decagon line. Ritz Blue was originally referred to as Blue 3 until the actual name was confirmed.


Similar Colors


Aurora Night Blue (Blue 2) Royal Blue
cobalt1-240.jpg (19063 bytes) cobalt2-240.jpg (23603 bytes) royalblue240.jpg (24253 bytes)
Royal Blue (1916) Ritz Blue Moonlight
royalblue-1916-240.jpg (31459 bytes) ritzblue240.jpg (34055 bytes) moonlight240.jpg (29606 bytes)
Blue (1903) Bluebell Willow Blue
blue-1903-240.jpg (35527 bytes) bluebell240.jpg (33433 bytes) willowblue240.jpg (19645 bytes)

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