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Cambridge Paper Label

Genuine Hand Made Cambridge Paper Label (1938-1958)


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figure 1

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figure 2

The last general line trademark is the GENUINE HAND MADE CAMBRIDGE paper label. This label is shown in figure 1 and differs only slightly from the Cambridge label which preceded it. The tri-c-20.jpg (846 bytes) was dropped and emphasis was placed on the word CAMBRIDGE. In addition to the paper label in figure 1, the word CAMBRIDGE shown in figure 2 was registered with the U. S. Patent office. Both applications were filed September 19, 1947 under the new trademark act of 1946 in class 33-glassware. Registration #514037 covers the label in figure 1 and registration 514036 covers the word CAMBRIDGE in figure 2.

In both registrations Cambridge claimed usage since 1927; however, clarification is required. It has been established that the CAMBRIDGE paper labels were used in 4 forms from 1927 to 1937. This label first appeared in advertising in early 1938 and was also announced to the trade in an article in China, Glass and Lamps in January, 1938. The label remained in this format until the final closing of the plant in 1958. However, there are variations in size and paper.

The oldest versions, like the versions which preceded it, were printed with black ink on yellow paper and have appeared in two sizes, The most frequently observed size measures 20mm x 12mm while the larger size, 28mm x 16mm, is occasionally observed, It has not been possible to identify any specific time frame for the larger label since the few pieces observed so far, appear to have been produced throughout the entire date range of 1937-1958.

A different paper stock was used at the end and these labels are also 20mm x 12mm but printed with black ink on gold foil paper. The foil label was used during the reopened period 1955-1958 but could have come into use prior to 1955. Researchers have not been able to determine the exact transition date; however, the plant closing and reopening is the most significant event from 1937-1953 that is likely to have caused a change in labels.

In summary, the following date ranges apply to the GENUINE HAND MADE CAMBRIDGE paper labels:
Yellow paper (large and small) 1938-1954
Gold foil paper 1955-1958

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