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Crown Tuscan Trademark

Crown Tuscan Trademark


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This trademark was applied to some Crown Tuscan pieces. Trade advertising reveals that Crown Tuscan was introduced in the fall of 1932. Examination of existing Cambridge color books reveals that this acid stamp signature appears predominately on 3400 line items, also on Gadroon (3500) and Statuesque (3011). Frequent decorations on these pieces are Diane (D/1012), Chintz (D/955), Portia (D/1001) and a lace type decoration (D/1007/8).

Each of these 1ines and decorations appears on two pages in the 1933 addition to the 1930-1934 Cambridge catalog. It was also noted in this examination of the color books that the mark did not appear on Seashell pieces (new in 1935) or on pieces decorated in Rose Point (introduced in November, 1934) or on later lines. This suggests that usage of the Crown Tuscan acid stamp was limited to
the years 1932-1934.

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