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Cambridge Square Trademark

Cambridge Square Trademark


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figure 1

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figure 2

The registration statement for this trademark shows that the CAMBRIDGE SQUARE trademark was first used January 7, 1952, in commerce the same date. Although the first usage was in 1952 the application for registration was not filed until January 5, 1955, just prior to the reopening of the plant in March. Registration # 622285 was granted on February 28, 1956, in class 33.

There is no evidence that an actual paper label was employed on the Cambridge Square line, We have, however, included two usage examples in this article. Figure 1 comes from the registration and figure 2 is a small metal display sign with black and gold enamel approximately 1 3/4" by 2 3/4".

There is a difference in the shape of the lettering used in these two figures. This was explored further in nationa1 advertising and the squarish block letters, as in figure 2, were used consistently.

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