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peachblo.jpg (69943 bytes) Peach-blo was introduced in 1925 and continued to be a key color into the early 1930s. In 1934, the name was changed to "Dianthus Pink" and continued to be produced in limited items into the 1940s. Peach-blo was very difficult to hold a true color from the beginning of the glass pot to the end. For this reason, there can be some variation in the density of color from piece to piece. This led some early collectors to suggest the Peach-blo and Dianthus Pink were actually different colors. In 1930, Cambridge produced items in the "Springtime" line which later became part of the "Everglade" line. Springtime items were frosted on the pattern side of the item leaving bright highlights. When produced in Peach-blo, Springtime items were call "Rose du Barry."


Similar Colors


Peach-Blo LaRosa Pink (Late)
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