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Miami Valley Study Group - Guide to Web Site

Guide to Web Site

This web site is designed to inform you about the activities of the Miami Valley (Ohio) Study Group of National Cambridge Collectors, Inc. As part of the national organization, we subscribe to its mission to encourage the discovery of the elegant and boundless product of the Cambridge Glass Company of Cambridge, Ohio. The home page contains information about the Group and our efforts past, present and future including our regular meeting dates and location. The members of the Miami Valley Study Group and its predecessor study group, the Hokey Pokey’s, have been involved in many efforts to research and share information about Cambridge glass. This site continues that effort by sharing information gathered over the years in the form of videos and photo galleries.

The videos can be accessed from the menu at the top of many pages or from the “Site Features” image on the home page. There are two types of videos available for viewing. The special videos were produced by the Group for presentation at two annual conventions of National Cambridge Collectors. The meeting videos were made at some of our meetings to make a permanent record of these educational programs.

Additional Cambridge Glass Information is also available from the menu at the top of many pages. The sub-menus in this category will take you to images showing examples of the many Cambridge glass colors. The first pages shows a single example of each colors. By clicking on the image or color name, you will be taken to a page containing information about that color with additional images of similar colors.

The Cambridge Glass Information menu item contains examples and descriptions of the variety of trademarks used over the years of production from 1902 to 1958.

The major item in the Cambridge Glass Information menu is a link to the growing number of photo albums showing examples of Cambridge glass production. The photo albums designed to help you learn about Cambridge Glass or aid in its identification. The albums are divided into meaningful categories to assist in finding albums for viewing. Thumbnail images are displayed once an album is opened. You then have many options available including viewing larger images in a manually advanced or automatic slide show. The albums contain a variety of images of actual glass and images extracted from original Cambridge catalogs. There are also albums showing glass decorations. A versatile search function allows you to search for specific keywords or multiple words in that or other albums.

A link to the photo albums is also found under "Site Features" on the home page. Clicking a link to the photo albums will open a new page or new tab to view the photo albums with a different nemu structure and placement.

You may find it useful to bookmark both the main home page and the photo albums home page in your web browser.

You can ignore any login box or login menu if you are just viewing the information on the site. These are provided for site administrators.

We hope you enjoy this site and return often to see additional information as it becomes available.

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