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Forest Green



forestgreen.jpg (84037 bytes) Forest Green was introduced in 1931 and continued through most of the 1930s. Forest Green can be very difficult to differentiate from the later late dark Emerald by the color alone. Forest Green will have a slight yellowish cast compared to Emerald. In 1935, Cambridge also marketed items frosted on one surface and left "bright" on the other side. Such items made in Forest Green were called by the color name "Jade." This is the third time Cambridge used the name Jade.


Similar Colors


Emerald (1916) Forest Green Emerald (Late Dark)
emerald-1916-240.jpg (28966 bytes) forestgreen240.jpg (38642 bytes) emeralddark240.jpg (29839 bytes)
Green (1903)
green-1903-240.jpg (37132 bytes)

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