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Emerald (Light)



emerald-light.jpg (92889 bytes) Emerald was introduced in 1923 and continued in production through the 1930s. It is generally referred to as Light Emerald to distinguish this color from the dark Emerald of 1916 and the late dark Emerald of 1949. In 1930, Cambridge produced items in the "Springtime" line which later became part of the "Everglade" line. Springtime items were frosted on the pattern side of the item leaving bright highlights. When produced in Emerald, Springtime items were call "Jade."


Similar Colors


Emerald (Light) Pistachio Pistachio (Late)
emerald-light240.jpg (42647 bytes) pistachio240.jpg (31754 bytes) pistachiolate240.jpg (44427 bytes)
Odd Green Topaz
green-odd-240.jpg topaz240.jpg (27749 bytes)

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