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Rose Point Display Sign #1

Rose Point Paper Label and Display Signs


figure 1

figure 2

figure 3

The label in figure 1 was used on the popular etching, Rose Point, introduced in 1935. The label is blue ink on white paper. There is no trademark registration or trade article on this label, therefore, the usage date range are somewhat speculative. The main dating factor is the presence of the tri-c-20.jpg (846 bytes) which, as noted in discussion on the general line labels, was phased out of the general 1ine labels at the end of 1937. Therefore, it seems appropriate to assume that usage of all labels with the tri-c-20.jpg (846 bytes) was stopped at the end of 1937, unless there is specific evidence to the contrary. With no such evidence on this label, it is conclude that the maximum date range is 1935 - 1937.

There are two examples of Rose Point display signs. Figure 2 has a fold-down metal foot and figure 3 has a small wooden easel foot. The metal display signs with black and gold enamel are approximately 1 3/4" by 2 3/4".

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